A Response: Free Speech Edition

When voters are away on opening election day
BMS makes safe spaces for liberals to play
Social Justice crusaders ride a high horse while they cower
Chalk writing is our guide to their tears and Trump Tower

We think triggers are for people with PTSD
Not rich white progressives with gender studies PhDs

Go out to vote, leave dialogue to rest
When conservatives want to speak we’re told silence is best
Time and time again, we hear how we’re sexist
Because we don’t cater to a twisted victim complex

Be more condescending, tell me I’m wrong, why it matters
Don’t blame me when your bubble of privilege shatters

Tell me what I should think, how to pander to feelings
Bring facts to the table, we’re tired of squealing

I’ll add a verse for the sake of your meeting -
Maybe you should look outside of tumblr for reading

So take down my poem [again], enjoy the safety of censorship
Someday you’ll realize that you are the hypocrites